sábado, 21 de novembro de 2009


Deep inside my memories
Looking around for you, somewhere...
My desperate soul, you're not there!
Come to see the autumn leaves colouring the streets,
Yellow, brown, red,
So is my heart without you to share.
Where are you my love?
So far away to kiss you, to give you a tender hug,
Are you in the clouds upon the sky
Or in the flying birds crossing high?
Can't find you at the raising sun...
Where are you, what have I done?
My hands are empty and cold,
My eyes are milles away...
As poor little flowers fading day after day.
Who am I?
Never been told...
My heart in tears feeling I die,
Can't have you my love,
Just tell me why.

Written by: Isabel Vilaverde
4 de Outubro de 2009


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